610 East William David Parkway, Metairie, Louisiana 70005, United States

Team Members

Jose - Owner/Groomer

Christina - Grooming Apprentice

Christina - Grooming Apprentice


Jose Cardona is the owner and groomer here at Fluffy Mutt Grooming Salon.  His love for dogs was realized at a young age, and Jose cannot remember a time when he did not have a dog.  He never imagined that he would get to interact with so many fun loving dogs on a daily basis.

Jose began his grooming experience as a bather at Petco in May of 2009.  His passion for dogs was evident from the beginning and he was quickly promoted into the pet stylist training program, which he completed in November of 2010.

Since then, he has learned that dog grooming is not just about making a dog look good, but about making a dog feel good.  Grooming a dog gives relief from the heat in these New Orleans summers, and eases the pain that is caused by matted fur. 

Jose has also decided to extend his grooming services to shelter dogs.  He offers a free bath to any dog adopted from a shelter.  This is his way to say thank you to someone that gives a shelter dog a forever home.

Christina - Grooming Apprentice

Christina - Grooming Apprentice

Christina - Grooming Apprentice


Christina has always had a dog in her life.  She has loved dogs from a young age, and remembers rescuing dogs and bringing them home. Christina is a very passionate person when it comes to animals.  She has two dogs now, a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua.

Christina always wanted to be a hair dresser, but she loved working with dogs, so she put the two together.  She began working as a bather/groomer assistant in 2003.  Christina spent some time away from dog grooming, but always knew that she wanted to continue on her path to becoming a dog groomer. 

Christina has been a part of the Fluffy Mutt team since 2018.  She started as a bather for us, but she is currently training under our owner as a grooming apprentice.  We are proud of the progress she has made, and we look forward to her completing her training.

Christina is currently taking appointments for face, feet, and fannies.